About Us

TwinWorld was created by DoubleMe, a Silicon Valley transformative technology startup that remixes human images into 3-D holographic virtual models in real-time with its product HoloPortal.

TwinWorld is constantly evolving. We want to grow alongside our users and explore everything that mixed reality can offer the world.

Our platform is designed to put you in control of your experience. Our community values outline our commitment to make TwinWorld safe and fun for everyone.

Everything you can imagine is real.

At TwinWorld, we want to empower your individuality through a new social art form. We want to challenge you to create real, magic moments and preserve memories in a whole new way. We will give you the tools to become whoever you most want to be.

Your avatar has integrity.

We respect you and your avatar autonomy. At TwinWorld, we see your hologram as an extension of yourself. We will protect you, your avatar and your data from manipulation, misuses and theft. We strive to always put people first and technology second.

You are a citizen

of the world.

We believe that we are each a member of the global community: humanity. We want to nurture a collective where one's identity transcends geography or political borders. In TwinWorld, everyone is free of worldly constraints and can come together as one.

Community Values

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