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Lead a Double Life with BT Protégé DoubleMe, Using 5G and MEC

How can you live beyond reality in the real-world metaverse? With 5G and MEC technology.

Our CEO Albert Kim was recently highlighted in BTWatch’s article, BT protégé DoubleMe doubles down on 5G and MEC, as he expanded upon the concept of "living beyond reality" in the real-world metaverse.

In the interview, Albert provides more details about our collaboration with 15 telcos around the world to use 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) for real‑time holographic services with revenue‑generating potential within the metaverse.

According to Albert, a key aim of TwinWorld is to reduce the cost and complexity of augmented reality, extended reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality technologies, and eliminate the requirement to hire professional developers to create immersive experiences.

Similar to a WeWork for mixed reality spaces, TwinWorld will allow users or ‘tenants’ to generate their own spaces for personal and commercial purposes and share them with others. Within these spaces, users would be "live" beyond reality.

Everything from the spaces to the users' avatars themselves would be completely customizable, and allow users to be able to create a life for themselves in the metaverse.

He emphasized the importance of 5G networks and MEC when capturing images and converting them into shared virtual spaces in real time.

We are basically delivering two crucial technologies. One is the reality capture; the other one is the world conversion system. And those are all working on top of 5G mobile edge computing, which means we have to heavily utilise telcos’ 5G infrastructure, so that we can provide better services to our users”, said Albert Kim.

BT’s involvement with DoubleMe began in early‑2020 when it was named as one of two winners of TEAC UK Wave 3 — the startup competition organized by BT’s TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centre.

For more about our collaboration with 15 telcos around the world and how we make use of 5G to support the real-world metaverse, check out TelcoTitan’s article BT protégé DoubleMe doubles down on 5G and MEC.


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