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Community Code of Conduct

Welcome to the TwinWorld Support and Discussion Boards.

These boards exist as a space for users to collaborate, learn, and build a community together. It is where users can seek help from, or leave feedback for the TwinWorld team (including feature requests). By participating in the discussion boards you agree to the Terms and Conditions that apply to TwinWorld, as well as these specific community rules and guidelines. 

The purpose of these rules and guidelines is to ensure that the TwinWorld community discussion boards are a place for creative and civil discourse between users. This document sets out a clear and transparent understanding from all parties about the expectations of acceptable behavior when using the boards. 

If you are new to the discussion boards, please check out our Community FAQ before posting.

Please be aware that administrators/moderators have final say on issues that require moderation, and that incidents may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Expected Behavior

Outlined below are the highly encouraged  “best practices” that will keep the community running smoothly. Essentially, the bottom line is to behave with respect and kindness. Users come from all walks of life and we all have different perspectives. By understanding this and striving to be as open-minded as possible, our community will learn and grow together. In addition to being understanding and respectful, being helpful to one another is a cornerstone of this community. Finally, try to stay on topic and make your additions to the discussion as meaningful as possible.


The following are not permitted or allowed, and engaging in these actions may result in limitations to, or removal of your access to the discussion boards.

Do not:

  • Insult or harass other users

  • Post spam, solicitation, or advertisements

  • Post threats (violent or sexual)

  • Post personally-identifying information (doxing)

  • Post copyrighted or illegal content

  • Post sexually explicit content

  • Engage in hate speech or discrimination

  • Use obscene, vulgar, or inappropriate language

  • “Bump” threads

  • Continually post in incorrect threads


If you are found to be violating rules or are reported for having done so, there are a variety of actions that may result depending on each case, including but not limited to: issue a warning, content or post removal, account suspension, account ban, etc. Please note that any suspension or ban on the community discussion boards does not affect ability to use or access the TwinWorld app.

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