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About TwinWorld

What We Do

We are creating tools for the next generation of world builders

TwinWorld is a metaverse brought to life, the joining of digital and physical worlds where interaction and connection are limitless, allowing us to create, share, and enjoy life beyond reality.

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Our Vision

With so much to reimagine, how you live is up to you.

We want to bring digital and physical worlds together through one immersive experience. TwinWorld empowers its users to create, share and enjoy life beyond reality with people from all around the world. Joust with a knight, explore an underwater garden, or throw a concert for dinosaurs. Everything you can imagine is real.

Our Company

Create Beyond Reality with TwinWorld

TwinWorld was created by DoubleMe, a Silicon Valley transformative technology startup that specializes in real-time volumetric capture technology. Operating in Sunnyvale, London and Seoul and partnering with 15 telcos worldwide, we are constantly developing new ways to bring the physical and virtual worlds together. With our HoloPort™ and HoloPortal™ technology, we provide an end-to-end platform for social holographic reality experiences.

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Live Beyond Reality


Capture objects and spaces from real life and bring them into the digital world, or create something new!


Collaborate and connect as a lifelike hologram or as a customizable avatar. Reimagine how we come together.


Every day, new worlds are created for you to explore. With so much to reimagine, how you live is up to you!


Get in Touch

Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about TwinWorld. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Become a World Builder or Start Exploring


Explore the Mystic Forest

Relax in an enchanted woodland with butterflies, rabbits and other forest creatures. Take a stroll by babbling brooks, hike through towering trees, or plant a field of wildflowers.


Dive Underwater

Submerge yourself in a colourful world of coral and marine life. Wave hello to an octopus, blow bubbles with a giant squid, and swim with the sharks. Just watch out for jellyfish!

Get Lost in the Safari 

Explore untouched landscapes in search of majestic wild animals. From elephants, giraffes, and gorillas to larger than life rock formations, this journey into wild terrain can't be missed.

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