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Getting Started

  • Opening the App
    1. Pull up the 'Start' menu on your HoloLens 2. Raise your wrist with your palm facing up and tap the Windows logo on your inner wrist 2. Open ‘All Apps’ on the right-hand side of the menu or search ‘TwinWorld’ 3. Find and click ‘TwinWorld’ to open Entering TwinWorld for the first time will bring a prompt to grant access to microphone and eye-tracking. Hit “yes” and grant access to continue.
  • Logging into TwinWorld on the HoloLens
    Upon entering the TwinWorld app on the HoloLens, there are three options for logging in: 1. Log in with Google 2. Log in with a Pin Number from your browser 3. Log in as a 'Guest'
  • Log in with Google
    1. Select the first (left-most) button that shows the Google logo. 2. Sign in to your Google account using the on screen keyboard.
  • Log in with a Pin Number from your browser
    1. Go to the TwinWorld Create website in your browser 2. Log into the website with your Google Account 3. Click on the menu in the top right-hand corner and select 'Pin' A six-digit pin number will appear on the screen. This number needs to be entered on your HoloLens 4. On the TwinWorld HoloLens App, select the second login option 'I have a pin' 5. Enter the six-digit pin number on the HoloLens and enjoy
  • Welcome Screen
    After logging in, you will be brought to to the lobby, also called the ‘My Worlds’ screen. There you can join premade worlds (either by TwinWorld, or your previously created worlds), you can create a new world, or join a friend’s world using a code. Please note: Logging in via ‘Guest’ limits certain feature availability, such as the ability to save a created world.
  • Entering a World
    Whether you create a new world, join a premade one, or join someone else’s via code, the first step is to create an anchor point. An anchor point allows sync between more than one user and is necessary to map and position the world you will populate. Create an anchor by ‘air tapping’ the largest wall in the room. Using your index finger to point (you will see a ray extend out of your finger to indicate where you are pointing to) - pinch your index finger and thumb together to ‘air tap’.
  • The Suitcase
    In the suitcase, there are various items to place in your world and interact with. 1. 3D Models 2. Characters 3. Emojis 4. Themes 5. Stickers 6. Widgets (YouTube, Google Images, BBC)
  • Inviting Friends to Your World
    To invite someone to your world, on the Wall Menu, click on the ‘Share Code/Invite’ button. You can either enter your friend’s email - or share the personal code for your world. Your friend can then hit ‘Join With Code’ from the My Worlds menu, and input your code to be able to join you.
  • The Wall Menu
    Upon entry, the wall that you anchored will show The Wall Menu. From here you can access many options. 1. Profile 2. Guest List (who is in the room) 3. World Information (rename, delete, or clear the room) 4. Exit 5. My Worlds (brings up the My World menu) 6. Invite (show invite code or share via email) 7. Dashboard Shortcuts (go straight into YouTube, Google - or start decorating your room) 8. Settings (music control) 9. Page turner (go to next wall page)
  • The Hand Menu
    To call up the Hand Menu, simply raise your hand with your palm facing upwards. With your free hand, click the top ‘suitcase’ icon. In the suitcase, there are various items to place in your world and interact with.
  • Navigation - Selection
    To select an object, you can either physically be in close proximity and air tap, or you can do from a distance using the guide rays. When your rays are pointing at an object, you will see the ray become an open circle on the surface of the object you are pointing at. Touching your index finger and thumb together, or air tapping, will cause the open circle to close and the object will become highlighted to indicate you are clicking it.
  • Navigation - Resizing
    To resize an object, you must use two hands (similar to a two finger pinch or stretch or on a tablet) When you hover both hands over the object and click your fingers together, and when the two open circles become filled and the object is lit up, you can then resize the object. While keeping your fingers closed together, moving your hands apart will increase the size of the object, and bringing them together will shrink the object.
  • Bringing it all together
    Of course, you can resize and move objects at the same time - it only takes a little practice! Put characters, 3D models, emojis, and stickers all together to make imaginative and fun scenes. To remove an item, hover over it until the “X” button pops up above it. Then simply click it to remove the object.
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