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DoubleMe Accelerates Corporate Growth through Samsung's C-Lab Outside

Earlier this month, Samsung Newsroom, the representative news channel of Samsung Electronics, conducted an interview with DoubleMe about the ‘C-Lab Outside’ program, the idea behind the real-world metaverse, and the future of mixed reality.

DoubleMe was selected for the Samsung Electronics 'C-Lab Outside' program, competing against 501 other applicants for one of 18 coveted spots (an acceptance rate of 28 to 1).

Since last November, DoubleMe has been granted office space at the Samsung R&D campus in Seoul, operating funds, and customized management consulting for one year.

The C-Lab Outside program actively supports startups by providing an optimal working environment and one on one IR competency coaching so that these innovative startups, who have been designated as 'future leaders of the fourth industrial revolution,' can focus on their businesses.

As stated by CEO Albert Kim in the article, “A small-scale startup company will inevitably have some missing parts, even if it continues to hire people. It is a great opportunity and luck to be able to meet ‘C-Lab Outside’ and fill in these gaps in the early stages."

Details of DoubleMe’s global projects and C-Lab Outside's incubation program can be found in the Samsung Newsroom article here.

About DoubleMe

DoubleMe is a leading volumetric capture company focused on bringing the physical and virtual worlds together. We push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D technology and create simple solutions that improve the lives of real people, in real-time. Currently, DoubleMe engages with global telcos such as BT, Telefonica, Orange, SingTel and Deutsche Telekom, for preparing 5G-enabled immersive services.

To learn more about DoubleMe, visit


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