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DoubleMe Launches TwinWorld to Turn Reality into a Digital Playground

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The first application of its kind for Microsoft HoloLens 2, TwinWorld empowers users to customize their world in a new era of social holographic reality.

Sunnyvale, CA Holographic reality capture technology startup DoubleMe, Inc. today unveiled TwinWorld, a free beta app that gives users the power to create, share and experience their world using mixed reality.

Available initially for Microsoft HoloLens 2, a mixed reality headset that connects the digital world to the physical world, TwinWorld redefines how people can customize and interact with their living spaces. With TwinWorld, users can immerse themselves in a world of their own design.

“We’re very excited to introduce TwinWorld, the first social holographic reality app where users can instantly mirror their physical reality in the virtual world, and vice versa. Our platform will allow for real-time holoportation of people and spaces: we want to open the door to an entirely new medium for communication,” said Albert Kim, CEO of DoubleMe, Inc.

Add a Digital Dimension to Any Room

While wearing the HoloLens, TwinWorld adds a mixed reality dimension to any room. Within this digital space, users can interact with 3-D creatures and objects, transport themselves to one of many pre-packaged environments, or personalize their surroundings with music and videos. TwinWorld aims to create a user-generated immersive experience to allow users to "Play Beyond Reality."

Upon entering TwinWorld, users are prompted to create a virtual room. Users are then given the option to add ‘gems,’ a variety of 3-D animated and static objects (ranging from wildlife to games to immersive platform environments) that can be modified to customize their space. Users can also ‘Dive Into’ Google Images, BBC News, and YouTube and drag the platforms’ 2-D contents into a 3-D space. Shell Shocker, an original shoot ‘em up game, is also available on the application, where users can shoot eggs on an assembly line to hatch them into birds and dinosaurs.

A user’s imagination is the only limit on the application: choose to meet a Jedi in person; transform your bedroom into a rainforest, travel to Disney World without leaving your office, or have a dinosaur as a pet. With new holographic content added to the platform on a regular basis, the possibilities for play with TwinWorld are endless.

Turn Your Life into a Hologram

In addition to bringing digital objects into the real world, the ultimate goal of TwinWorld is to bring real objects into the digital world. Using HoloPort, DoubleMe’s full 3D volumetric video capture system that runs on a PC with a 3D camera, TwinWorld will allow people to easily mirror reality into their 3D, virtual spaces, no coding required.

Through TwinWorld, DoubleMe plans to extend HoloPort technology for large-scale spatial 3D capture. This expansion, intended for mirroring both humans and spaces, will generate holographic digital twins in real-time.

Want to make a 3-D virtual house tour, live stream your own hologram cooking show, or chat with your friends’ realistic avatars in mixed reality? TwinWorld is there to encourage the everyday user’s spatial creativity.

5G Ready with Global Telcos

Last December, Russia’s largest mobile operator, MTS, selected DoubleMe for its 5G Lab acceleration program. In January, BT selected DoubleMe for its Teleco Infra Project (TIP) Ecosystem Acceleration Center (TEAC) UK Wave 3.

DoubleMe has been testing the latest HoloPort platform with BT and MTS, as well as other partner telecom operators, for the early deployment of its platform in 2021.

"As telecom infrastructure becomes disaggregated, we're seeing more opportunities for technologies which challenge the status quo and bring a step-change in how we use digital media. DoubleMe is a great example of how, on the application side, innovation can benefit from the increased speeds and efficiencies of the networks that we are building for tomorrow's telecom opportunities," said Marina Traversari, Global Program Manager at TEAC.

TwinWorld is available now for Microsoft HoloLens users on MS Store.

About DoubleMe

DoubleMe provides an end-to-end platform for Social Holographic Reality Experiences. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and operates its volumetric video capture studios in London and Seoul. So far, DoubleMe has raised $12.7M.

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