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DoubleMe Presents 'Cutting Edge' Metaverse Technology at Edge Computing World Global Summit

When it comes to metaverse technology, 'edge computing' is cutting edge.

Earlier this week, Albert Kim, founder and CEO of DoubleMe, gave a presentation about 'Edge Computing Facilitating the Metaverse' at the 2021 Media Edge Summit, hosted by Edge Computing World.

Known as "the world's premier edge computing event," Edge Computing World brought together more than 4,000 attendees and more than 125 speakers this year to discuss different insights and case studies about edge technology.

You can watch the full video presentation here, or check out our summary below!

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is transforming the way data is being handled, processed, and delivered from millions of devices around the world.

At its basic level, edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to the devices where it’s being gathered, rather than relying on a central location that can be thousands of miles away. This is done so that data, especially real-time data, does not suffer latency issues that can affect an application’s performance.

How Will Edge Computing Transform the Metaverse?

Many see edge computing as the key to building the foundation of the metaverse, by enabling developers to reduce delay in virtual worlds. This technology could empower new and better devices and new virtual experiences that support many thousands - and eventually, millions - of concurrent users in the same shared 3D space.

In his presentation, Albert introduced the philosophy and technology of TwinWorld, a mixed reality platform powered by DoubleMe, and the potential of metaverse based on mobile edge computing through collaborations with global telecommunication companies.

TwinWorld is a “real-world metaverse” where users create and share their own virtual content on the physical world, pursuing a large-scale global metaverse.

The presentation summarized the different technology that currently makes up TwinWorld technology: HoloPort Edge, which supports easy user-generated content, and WorldEngine, which enables scanning and sharing of real-world spaces.

HoloPort Edge: Real-time Reality Capture & Share

Based on the industry's history of expensive equipment and long production, 3D hologram generation has largely been considered a technology that requires a lot of money, time, and expertise.

But it doesn't have to be. DoubleMe's HoloPort Edge technology allows users to easily create holograms with only a single RGBD (Red Green Blue Depth) 3D camera and a PC with a GPU capable of playing games.

The technology was originally named ‘HoloPort’, but as it became completely cloud-native, it developed into ‘HoloPort Edge,' integrating the word ‘edge’ from edge computing.

User-generated RGBD data is sent to the HoloPort Edge Computing System and can be streamed on a large scale through telecommunication partners and AWS (Amazon Web Services) edge.

“We are heavily leveraging on the edging computing by teaming with 16 global telecos and gradually working with more telecos so that we can provide smooth, immersive experiences,” said Albert Kim.

Learn more about HoloPort technology on the DoubleMe website.

WorldEngine: Real-Virtual Coordination System

In order for the metaverse to truly exist, it must be tied to the physical world and be constantly kept up to date. Of course, the best way to accomplish this task is by letting users physically scan the world around them.

DoubleMe's WorldEngine technology scans various spaces such as offices, streets, and cities to support spatial holograms in which physically distant people can walk into a common space.

Real-time spatial scanning is also possible on iPhone and iPad through the iOS versions, and the application is expected to be released at the end of the year.

Users can communicate with other users and share content created by them in a space created with TwinWorld’s built-in items and real-time scanning.

More details of DoubleMe’s metaverse technology utilizing edge computing are available here.

About DoubleMe

DoubleMe is a leading volumetric capture company focused on bringing the physical and virtual worlds together. We push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D technology and create simple solutions that improve the lives of real people, in real time. Currently, DoubleMe engages with global telcos such as BT, Telefonica, Orange, SingTel and Deutsche Telekom, for preparing 5G-enabled immersive services.

About TwinWorld

TwinWorld leverages mixed reality (MR) technologies to bring the metaverse into the real world. As a result, TwinWorld can be continuously used in offices, schools, streets, homes, and other real-world spaces. By leveraging 5G MEC infrastructures, TwinWorld smoothly delivers the city-scale and persistent MR worlds and real-time personal holoportation of humans and spaces.


Albert Kim is the CEO and founder of DoubleMe. Since 1993, Albert has been working in the software industry specializing in computer vision and 3D graphics. He holds a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from Ohio State University and Northwestern University, respectively.


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