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DoubleMe Wins $40,000, Applauded by Korean Ministry of Science and ITC

Building momentum through Korean government pitch competition wins, DoubleMe demonstrates that holographic communication is the future for a post COVID-19 era.

SEOUL, KRHolographic reality start-up DoubleMe, Inc. was recognized by Korean Ministry of Science and ITC for outstanding achievement in K-Global Silicon Valley 2020 and the ‘Sol-Jik Challenge,' winning about $40,000 from the government organization’s various start-up pitch competitions.

“We are honored to be recognized by the South Korean government for our contributions to contactless technology. Especially now, there are endless applications for volumetric video, and our goal is to break down barriers so anyone can capture and share their world in holographic reality,” said DoubleMe CEO Albert Kim.

DoubleMe, creator of the social holographic reality platform TwinWorld, attributes their competitive edge to their novel 3D capture system, HoloPort™ the world’s first personal volumetric video capture system. HoloPort™ only requires one 3D camera on a PC, as opposed to expensive studio solutions that are the only alternative to 3D video capture in real time.

K-Global 2020

DoubleMe took first prize at K-Global 2020’s conference K-Pitch (Korea Pitch) competition, winning around $10,000, and took third prize at the I-Pitch (International Pitch) competition.

K-Global is an annual convention held to acknowledge Korea’s competitive technological advancements in Silicon Valley since its inception in 2012. Seven-thousand people attended the event online, and this year’s theme was “AI: the Revolutionary Game Changer for Post COVID-19 Era.”

DoubleMe, creator of the social holographic reality app TwinWorld, successfully beat out 14 other Korean companies for the top spot in the K-Pitch competition and placed third out of 10 companies from 7 different countries in the I-Pitch competition. K-Global is the biggest IT event hosted by the Korean government.

Sol-Jik Challenge

In addition to K-Global 2020, DoubleMe also placed second out of around 70 teams at the Korean Ministry of Science and ITC’s 'Sol-Jik Challenge' winning approximately $30,000.

'Sol-Jik,’ which translates to “Solution - Directly,” is a government-issued challenge for people to develop digital solutions to solve inconveniences and social problems from the daily lives of people in 2020.

The award ceremony for 'Sol-Jik Challenge' winners was held online earlier this week due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About DoubleMe

DoubleMe provides an end-to-end platform for Social Holographic Reality Experiences. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and operates its volumetric video capture studios in London and Seoul. So far, DoubleMe has raised $12.7M.

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