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TwinWorld Brings the Animal Kingdom to Life in Samsung C-Lab Demo

We need to address the elephant in the room...

This month, as part of Samsung Electronics C-Lab Outside program, DoubleMe showed off the latest update of its real-world metaverse TwinWorld to various divisions within Samsung.

Representatives from both the Samsung Visual Display division and Samsung Next, an investment group focused on emerging technologies, donned volumetric avatars to experience life beyond reality in TwinWorld.

DoubleMe employees guided guests through how to interact with various holographic giraffes, jellyfish, elephants, bunnies and more, all surrounded by a virtual forest of trees and bamboo.

This exotic mix of 3D wildlife comes from TwinWorld's three brand-new featured worlds, available now on the app to explore.

With TwinWorld’s recent multiplayer integration, demo participants were able to collectively interact with each other and the holograms in real time.

Last year, DoubleMe. was selected for Samsung Electronics C-Lab Outside program, beating out 501 other applicants for one of 18 coveted spots and receiving 100 million KRW (more than 90,000 USD).

DoubleMe is one of 500 internal and external startup tasks through C-Lab from 2018, including 200 in-house employee startup tasks (C-Lab Inside) and 300 external startups (C-Lab Outside).

The company will continue to hold demos with Samsung and other companies for the month of May.

About TwinWorld

TwinWorld is a metaverse brought to life, the joining of digital and physical worlds where interaction and connection are limitless, allowing us to create, share, and enjoy life beyond reality.


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