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Watch: K-Pop Girl Group Ferry Blue’s Explosive MV Debut in the Real-World Metaverse

Combining K-Pop and real-world metaverse technology, this music video pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for the next generation of entertainment.

Real-world metaverse start-up DoubleMe and rookie K-Pop girl group Ferry Blue want you to ‘be a star’ in TwinWorld, teaming up to create the first-ever K-Pop music video filmed in the metaverse using mixed reality.

TwinWorld, the world’s first ‘real-world’ metaverse platform created by DoubleMe, and Microsoft HoloLens 2 devices brought the music video to life in real-time.

Leveraging TwinWorld technology, Ferry Blue performed their debut song 'Call My Name,' surrounded by colorful, high-energy holograms.

From wireframe cats to cyberpunk buildings, these holograms aren’t created with video editing software—they are interactive and playable in real-time in the metaverse (and available now for anyone to use on the TwinWorld app).

Popularized by applications like Fortnite and Zepeto, the metaverse is a shared virtual space where users interact via digital avatars. Using mixed reality technology, TwinWorld layers the metaverse on top of the real world, hence the “real-world metaverse.”

“I really didn’t know about the metaverse before. Through TwinWorld, I was able to experience the virtual world seen from the real world,” said Ferry Blue member Dozin.

The girl group plans to use the mixed reality platform to hold future events, such as concerts, fan meets, and fan signings, as life-sized avatars in TwinWorld.

“I think we can give the audience the feeling that they are near us even if they are far. I think this is the perfect product, especially during COVID,” said Ferry Blue member Dozin.

Ferry Blue is a rookie girl group composed of students from Baekje Arts University's K-Pop Music Production Department, and all members participated in their debut single 'Call My Name.'

DoubleMe is a Silicon Valley transformative technology startup that specializes in real-time volumetric capture technology. Operating in Sunnyvale, London, and Seoul and partnering with 15 telcos worldwide, DoubleMe is constantly developing new ways to democratize 3D technology and bring the physical and virtual worlds together. DoubleMe has received more than $17M in funding to date.

Watch the music video below.

Watch the behind-the-scenes below.


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